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What Happens Next: When you receive a summons
1. What exactly does the summons contain?
Essentially, a summons stipulates all the specifics of the case someone (the Plaintiff) is instituting against you (the Defendant). A section of the summons or an attached document appropriately called “The Particulars of the Claim”, will summarise what the case against you is.

2. What to do next. 
You (the Defendant) must attend our office as soon as possible, within 10 days after receiving the summons.

3. Speak to an Attorney.
After consulting with an Attorney, the Attorney will serve a notice of intention to defend on behalf of you within 10 days and a plea (your version) within 20 days.

4. Do not ignore a summons!
Failing to adhere to time frames could lead to default judgment granted against the defendant and the sheriff can then remove and sell the Defendant's property.
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