Kenny is currently a director at the firm. He has over 15 years of experience representing clients in a variety of fields both civil and criminal law.

After completing his articles and practising as an attorney at the firm, Kenny left the firm and specialised in criminal law for his own account, establishing himself in that field of law. In 2018, Kenny again joined the renamed Langenhoven Pistorius Modihapula Attorneys as a director, bringing with him his established criminal law skills and practice.

Kenny knew from university and by attending the Law School, that he wanted to be a criminal defense attorney. He was inspired to study law as a result of unjust laws, police harassment and the willingness to make a difference in the community where he grew up. Kenny is a member of the South African War Veterans as well as of the Revolutionary Military War Veterans.  He also offers legal opinions in both these structures from time to time.

He has been elected to the board of the Provincial Legal Practice Council for Northwest Province.

Kenny is a paratrooper and therefore is passionate about skydiving. He also enjoys cricket, rugby and soccer.